Three simple and easy ways to improve your home’s exterior

Three simple and easy ways to improve your home’s exterior

They say less is more and when it comes to house exteriors, truer words have never been spoken. Simple, well thought out upgrades can make the world of difference to a drab looking home. If you’re looking up your property’s street appeal but don’t know where to start, give one or all of these projects a go!

Restore your roof
Restoring a tired looking roof is like giving your home a face lift. Even if the roof is still functioning properly without any leaking or damage, upgrading can still be a good idea. When a roof begins to show real signs of aging, giving it a facelift not only minimises the potential for damage, but also has enormous aesthetic benefits.

Homeowners often assume the job is going to be arduous and time consuming, but in fact the opposite is true. Companies like Dulux provide full Roof Restoration Services which allow you to sit back and relax while the professionals get the job done.

Update your driveway
The first feature to any house is the driveway entrance, it’s generally the largest slab of exterior concrete on any property and the most underrated asset. Whether you are getting ready to sell or just upgrading, engaging a professional team, like BROCON Contracting can help increase the value of your property and dramatically improve your properties kerb appeal. The large range of colour choices and patterns makes it easy to colour match your driveway to your house. First impressions don’t come around twice, so make a good one with an upgraded driveway finish.

Paint your trims
Over the years, paint trims have experienced a plethora of trends- both good and bad, from complementary tonal hues, to stark, contrasting colours. Giving the trims of your 1990’s home a fresh lick of paint is a sure-fire way to bring your place into this century.

In 2020, trims are usually painted either the same colour as the house or a more intense version of it. Regardless of the colours you decide on, never choose more than three for your home’s exterior. You can have one for walls, one for trim and one for accents, but any more than that will result in a messy looking property.