Tide’s of Change

Tide’s of Change

A stunning new mural has been unveiled at the Tannum Sands Surf Club, bringing the esplanade alive with colour.

Tide’s of Change, is a collaborative piece by local artists Katrina Elliot and Jarrod Beezley. 

The mural combines Mr Beezley’s local Indigenous art style of the Kabi Kabi and Bunjalung people with Ms Elliot’s unique and colourful style.

Tide’s of Change is Mr Beezley’s debut mural and public art piece.

Ms Elliot is known for her mural works, having painted a number of beautiful designs in the Gladstone Hospital.

“I am very passionate about art and health. I love being able to change a place so that people feel more comfortable and welcome.” Katrina said.

Inspiration for Tide’s of Change came from local stories told to the artists, in particular from long-standing club members.

“The artwork depicts a timeline, a history in a way that people wouldn’t normally get to see it. It acknowledges the people both past and present but also the history of Tannum Sands & the surf club.”

The unveiling of the mural was followed by a multimedia presentation telling the story of the mural. A QR code has been placed on the plaque of the mural, allowing admirers to download the presentation and gain a deeper understanding of the piece. 

“It’s not just about the surf club and its history but also about the connection to place and people.”

Be sure to head down to Tannum Sands Surf Club to view the latest installation and don’t forget to scan the QR code to learn about the history of the area and the club.