Together As a Community We Can Achieve Anything

By Rachel Hardy

Together As a Community We Can Achieve Anything

It’s heartbreaking to know that children are victims of physical violence, abduction, sexual abuse and murder.

The International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression established by the United Nation helps raise awareness and advocates for children’s safety against such horrendous acts, every year on June 4.

Statistics show that around 275 million children worldwide are exposed to domestic violence alone.

But the impact of domestic violence is long lasting – children are at risk of developing behavioural and psychological problems as well as depression later in life.

It’s reassuring to know that the United Nations are committed to defending the rights of children across the globe.

This month, take the time to acknowledge child victims, help find ways to support them and strive towards giving them protection and holding the perpetrators accountable.

It’s important to protect children from violence, exploitation and abuse because they are our future.

Let’s build a positive sense of community and promote a positive sense of identity for our children this June.

Together as a community, big or small, rural, regional or metro, we can achieve anything.