Under the Trees keeps it Live and Local

Under the Trees keeps it Live and Local

Music festivals are undoubtedly highlights on the music lover’s calendar, but let’s face it, who has the stamina to camp their way through a multi-day music festival, often more than a day’s travel away, all the time?

Sometimes we’re just looking for a huge serve of music locally that also lets us come home and sleep in our own beds after we check out the headliner that evening.

Thankfully, the local arts community are aware there are plenty of fervent music fans in the region so they have put together a killer line-up for the “Under the Trees” festival, being held on October 14 that will make you feel almost like you’ve been to a little bit of Splendour or Falls, without putting you through the whole ‘sleeping in a tent’ thing.

The licensed event will be held “under the trees” between the soccer fields and the oval on Jacaranda Drive at Boyne Island. Organiser, GP and local muso Gaston Boulanger, says the line-up may just be the best bands you’ve never heard of before:

“We’ve got Lachy Doley, otherwise known as the Jimi Hendrix of the Hammond Organ, he’s amazing.”

Called “the greatest living keyboard player in the world today” by Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple, Lachy Doley has just finished recording with blues legend Joe Bonamassa.

“We also have The Fergies, The Cheap Fakes who are a reggae/ska outfit from Brisbane, and 19-Twenty who appeared at the Agnes Water Blues and Roots festival,” he said

“We’ve also got some emerging bands like The Moonsets who people might know from their performance at Crow Street Creative earlier this year, they have the lady with the harp – and my own band, the Threadz,” Gaston said.

The curated festival is wholly devised, executed and staffed by volunteers. “We want it to be sustainable, start small and build up over the years. At $25 it’s a really cheap ticket, and if we make any money it will all be reinvested in the festival,” he said.

“People are talking about it a lot but we need to get ticket pre-sales going. We’re hoping to get up to 2000+ people on the day. We’re getting so much in-kind support from the community, the marquee, the scaffolding, the artworks, the food, everything is being donated and built and done by volunteers,” he said,

As well as two stages showcasing 10+ bands, Under the Trees will have fireworks, circus performers, pole dancers, a huge community artwork and a load of other fantastic surprises.

Tickets can be pre-purchased via oztix.com.au or at local businesses Say Espresso and BITS Medical.