Turn a new Leaf – Love our Reef! At EcoFest 2018

Turn a new Leaf – Love our Reef! At EcoFest 2018

Every year on the first Sunday in June, Gladstone Regional Council presents Ecofest – Central Queensland’s largest free environmental event.

It’s held in the green spaces of our nationally recognised Gladstone Tondoon Botanic Gardens, rated as one of the top 10 regional botanic gardens in the country. The Gardens offer the perfect setting for a day of strolling around stalls with an environmental message, listening to a range of speakers in the main tent or just relaxing in the outdoors. There’ll be food and drink available as well as fun activities for kids of all ages.

This year’s theme, ‘Turn a new leaf, love our reef’, calls on everyone to change something about how they live to help the environment and, in turn, improve the health of the Great Barrier Reef. The southern section of this great natural icon is a celebrated part of our region, so we should lead in increasing awareness of the marine environment and what can be done to preserve it in a healthy state.

Everyone is talking right now about removing all forms of plastic from our lives, from single-use plastic bags to food packaging and drinking straws. This will be a strong message at Ecofest 2018, especially with Queensland’s single-use plastic bag ban coming in on July 1.

There’ll also be talks of interest for home gardeners, turf enthusiasts and fans of Bonsai, as well as the Creative Recycling Centre’s inaugural Solar Boat Challenge. More on that in the coming weeks.

Everyone who attends on Sunday, June 3 will be invited to take part in a survey about the event and have a chance to win a holiday for two people to Heron Island.

So, come along and visit Ecofest 2018. You’ll discover how your actions along with Council, industry and business initiatives can contribute to a cleaner environment in which to live, work and play. And give our reef an improved chance for survival.