Under 8s Week!

under 8s

Under 8s Week!

The Evolution of Under 8’s Week!

Under 8’s Week, which until 1984 was originally Under 5’s week, is about acknowledging the importance of learning in the early years of a child’s life. It has been running for 60 years across Queensland. Over that time the week has evolved, but the purpose to celebrate childhood and promote the importance of the early years remains strong.

Under 8’s week has seen many different themes and focuses over the years.
This year the theme is “Children are playing Country to Coast – Inspiring learning in the early years through play.”

Embracing Play to be an important pathway for children’s learning is seen primarily in the Australian Curriculum where Prep and other Early Childhood learning centres focus on 5 contexts of learning through Play.

Play; Real – life situations; Investigations; Routines & transitions; Focused Learning & Teaching

Under 8’s Week also focuses on involving children in their local community with Educational events and activities.

For a full list of free community events click here and check out the Gladstone Children’s Festival here.