‘Under The Trees’ Dazzles The Gladstone Region

‘Under The Trees’ Dazzles The Gladstone Region

The much-loved music and arts festival returned with a bang this year, with a stellar lineup of local and interstate artists.

Under the Trees has been a staple in the Gladstone Region’s calendar since its inaugural event back in 2017. It’s safe to say that this year’s event was a huge success, with bands travelling from around Australia and festival-goers attending from far and wide.

Gaston Boulanger, the founder of the festival and one of the organisers, joked that Under the Trees came about as an extension of his enormous birthday parties that were approaching festival-worthy levels of attendance.

“It got to the point where I would have three bands performing at my parties, and we decided we needed a bigger space,” said Gaston.

One of the bands that played at these parties were local four-piece group ‘The Threads’, who made an appearance at this year’s festival. They were also joined by a dazzling lineup of local acts, like ‘Brittany Elise’ and ‘Chris Bax’, as well as some of Australia’s festival favourites, like ‘Ivan Ooze’ and the return of 2017-headliners, ‘19Twenty’.

“Under the Trees is an event held by the community, for the community, and we’ll keep it that way.”

Despite the notable reputation that Under the Trees now holds, at its core it still maintains the same community-centered values, and aims to deliver a musical experience for all ages and interests. Motivated by a true love for music, and the consistent support from local businesses and enormous volunteer efforts, Under the Trees is a culmination of the passion that people have for music and art, including those who make it.

Under the Trees is a collaboration between lots of wonderful people, who bring their own ideas and suggestions into the organisation of this event. Thanks to the community sponsors and the amazing volunteers, this event is able to continue every year at an affordable price, giving people throughout the region the opportunity to watch bands who travel from all around Australia, and view the artwork created by talented local artists.

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