Virtual Reality training Gladstone employees to shred your documents

Virtual Reality training Gladstone employees to shred your documents

Brand-new Virtual Reality (VR) training programs recorded in the Gladstone Region are helping Endeavour Foundation train its employees.

Working in partnership with Engage Research Lab at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Endeavour Foundation has developed immersive 3D training simulations for site safety and confidential document destruction.

Endeavour Foundation Service Design Partner Chris Beaumont said they had recorded 360-degree training videos in Gladstone.

“VR is an incredible training tool that enables people to really feel like they’re immersed in the virtual activity they’re doing,” Mr Beaumont said.

“Earlier this year we visited Gladstone with the intention of creating some safety videos with a difference. 

“We recorded full 360-degree training videos with our Gladstone supported employees across six different safety scenarios.

“For each scenario, there are three videos of people performing a task but two of those videos show a person doing the task the wrong way.

“Those doing the training have to watch them all and work out who did it the right way.”

Mr Beaumont said Endeavour Foundation Gladstone Business Solutions had also featured in a new confidential document destruction simulation. 

“For this interactive scenario, we created a 3D model of Endeavour Foundation’s Gladstone workplace,” he said.

“It’s a lot like a game where the objective is to complete the document destruction process by removing all non-white paper and other objects from the conveyer before the paper goes through to the shredder.”

Graham Cross, who features in the 360-degree VR training videos said it felt awesome to be part of them.

“I really enjoyed being part of the of training but felt nervous [when I was doing it],” Mr Cross said.

“I get a feeling of pride [when I see myself] and think it’s pretty awesome and cool.

“I feel helpful with being part of the training, and the more people that watch or use the VR training the better.

“This means that I had part in helping people learn to be safe.”

Site Manager Robert Campbell said it was fantastic to see Gladstone feature in the VR training.

“These VR simulations provide a level of interactivity that’s above and beyond anything you could learn in a traditional classroom or training environment,” Mr Campbell said.

“Our employees will be able to access these powerful learning tools in a new training room funded as part of the recent $673,000 redevelopment of our Gladstone Business Solutions workplace.

“It makes me feel proud to see our Gladstone supported employees featuring in these videos, which will enable other people with disability to learn about site safety in a fun and memorable way.”

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