Volunteer Photography Exhibition displays local wildlife

Volunteer Photography Exhibition displays local wildlife

Volunteer Photography Exhibition at Tondoon Botanic Gardens

Volunteering has plenty of advantages: you can meet new people, learn new skills or polish up your resume. Teale Britstra volunteer and tour guide at the Tondoon Botanic Gardens teams his volunteer work with his passion for wildlife photography at an exhibition now showing at the Tondoon visitors centre.

All of the remarkable nature photographs taken by Teale are of native Australian flora or fauna, and all were taken within the last year at the Tondoon Botanical Gardens.

Insects, birdlife and plants such as a rare type of grevillea are captured in remarkable detail and precision, with many hours of waiting going into the perfect shot.

“Those kind of photos tend to get me sunburned,” Teale said. “I have to stand for ages and wait for the bees to come to the flower I kind of have stalked out.”

His expert knowledge helps to find photography subjects such as the owls who live in the gardens: “They’ll all be hiding in their nest hollows at the moment because they don’t have waterproof feathers like other birds,” Teale said.

Tondoon is home to at least three families of barking owls and one family of Southern boobook owls.

Teale uses a Canon 600D camera and says he can get good results with a small financial outlay on gear: “I can get surprisingly good photographs with just a $20 extension tube.”

The photos are displayed at the Tondoon Botanic Gardens Art Gallery for the entire month of October. Check out the accompanying display with information about what it means to be a volunteer at Tondoon.