Walk for Lynda from Gladstone to Kingaroy a Success!

Walk for Lynda from Gladstone to Kingaroy a Success!

Did you know melanoma is the number 1 Cancer for  Queenslanders  under 35?

Melanoma kills almost twice as many Queenslanders as road accidents?

There is NO Cure for advanced melanoma?

Brett Otto left one month ago on his Walk for Lynda from Gladstone to Kingaroy to raise awareness of Melanoma. He has walked an incredible distance with a very powerful message. The support Brett and his team have received along the way has been fantastic and it culminates with their walk into Kingaroy  last Sunday.

One of the Boyne Valley’s Lions members Mick Leahy (The Boyne Bard) who supported Brett and his team along the way put together this poem worth sharing. It’s wonderful to see the flow-on affect. Brett passed the message on to Mick about Melanoma and now Mick is writing to Gladstone News with his message! One by one we can make a difference by simply letting people know in our own way the dangers of Melanoma and how we can get checked!

Walk For Lynda

Thanks to Mick and Brett. Gladstone News would like to set the challenge to the Gladstone Community to find your own unique way to spread the message about Melanoma to honour Lynda. This campaign will bring great outcomes by helping us to be more informed about our health.

If you’d like to see more about the walk you can follow Brett’s Facebook. Search Brett.Otto.