Ward’s Brewery: Coming To Gladstone This Spring

Ward’s Brewery: Coming To Gladstone This Spring

From cordial to beer, Ward’s is a company steeped in the rich history of Gladstone, and is continuing its journey with creating Ward’s Brewery.

Michael Comley, founder of Ward’s Brewery said that he doesn’t just want Ward’s to be a brew-pub, but an experience.

“We’re going to be knocking out some sensational beer, with our state of the art brewhouse. With soft lighting and décor having been key design features, we are aiming to create an ambience that encourages connectivity. Our brewpub will be so unique to any other licensed venue in Central Queensland that it will offer a touch of escapism for our patrons,” said Michael.

The heritage of Gladstone and of the Ward’s brand are visible in nearly every aspect of the soon-to-be brewpub. Whether it’s the little stickers reminding you of cordial flavours, the hundred-year-old glass bottles dug up from the premises, or the industrial-style sliding door, it is obvious that a great deal of care has been put into retaining these little pieces of history. Combined with a fresh new vision that encompasses both a rustic and effortlessly-timeless feeling, Ward’s Brewery is sure to feel familiar from the moment you walk in.

In a way of drinking that echoes a ‘farm-to-plate’ style, the seating area will have a view of the huge, stainless steel brewing equipment; letting you see where the beer is freshly brewed.

“The brewhouse is a three-vessel, gas-fired system and is complimented with ten fermentation tanks. We’re going to be able to make plenty of different beers, probably around six to eight at a time. Lager will be on tap of course, and we definitely want people to be adventurous, and try something like IPA or XPA.”

A selection of freshly brewed beer is enough to keep anyone busy for a few hours, especially because of the love that is put into the brewing process- it will surely be a difference that you can taste.

There are also several other features that have been installed. A full commercial-grade kitchen and bar, and once open, Michael estimates they will be able to accommodate 150 people. A new deck will grace the building entrance, looking over a vertical garden. The ceilings have been fitted with material to keep the heat out, and brand new bathrooms have been fitted.

Keep an eye out on the Ward’s Brewery Facebook page, or at https://www.wardsbrewery.com/the-brewery for updates on when you can except to be sipping a fresh glass of beer from Ward’s Brewery.