Wests Swimming Club do Gladstone proud at QLD Swimming Championships

Wests Swimming Club do Gladstone proud at QLD Swimming Championships

Last weekend a very determined, disciplined and talented group of swimmers from Wests represented Gladstone at the QLD Swimming Championships at Chandler.

Member of the club Siddi compiled some stats from the weekend and we would love to share the success of these hard working athletes with you:

Below is full list of results, top 20 finishes and summary of times:

Outstanding results from four 10 year old boys – Peyton Craig, Kane Martin, Tom Staines & Malachi Tuakura. 3 of the boys finished top 20 in the backstroke (Kane, Malachi, Peyton) and breaststroke (Peyton, Kane, Tom) and 2 finished top 20 in butterfly (Peyton, Tom). Peyton medalled with a bronze in breaststroke.

11 year girls, Stephanie Elliott finished 20th in freestyle.

12 year girls, Hannah Ryan swam sub 30 to finish 13th in freestyle.

Clara Furness finished 19th in backstroke.

Overall our 13 swimmers swam 40 events, 37 of which were PBs. Total time improvement of 51.46 seconds which is massive in swimming which is a sport of milliseconds.

Most improved stroke was backstroke with total time improvement of 17.4 seconds.

Most improved swimmer was Tom Staines with massive 11.91 seconds improvement over 4 strokes.

Proud Parent Alex Staines said ‘Competitive swimming is all about “bettering your best”. To achieve your best you need to not only commit of yourself but also have the commitment from parents 8403_1169175783101609_1305286630634660270_nand family to get our kids to 6am training sessions and meet after meet after meet across CQ and SEQ. As a parent of “swimming kids” it makes all the early mornings and long drives worth every effort and planning when we achieve results like our club achieved over the weekend. It is testament to our supportive club and the passion and skill of our super coach Adam for how he prepared the squad for this big event. While we may be a club small in size we are BIG in heart. Great job‪ Westies Gladstone

An outstanding effort from Clara, Hannah, Stephanie, Charlie, Cyrena, Georgia, Ronan, Tom, Peyton, Kane, Malachi, Caleb and Felix. Westies family are extremely proud of your efforts and happy to see you reap the rewards of your hard work.

More info on the club on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Wests-Gladstone-Swimming-Club-267867963232400/