What Current Commodity Prices Mean For Gladstone?

What Current Commodity Prices Mean For Gladstone?

Educating our Members about the current market and the effects in the Gladstone Region, GEA brings you  presentations from Gladstone Power Station (NRG), Gladstone Ports Corporation, and Boyne Smelter Limited who will provide an overview on the Power, Coal and Alumina Industries, and what the current global economy means for them.

For more than a decade, as the China-led commodity boom drove profits at miners around the world, seemingly never-ending generous dividends helped to attract investors.

However with the Chinese demand slowing and profits sliding, companies are watching every dollar spend and every movement made, and are required to impliment plans to ensure they continue to operate in a tough market.

• NRG, General Manager, John Abbott
• Gladstone Ports Corporation, Cargo Handling Operations Team, TBC
• Boyne Smelter Limited, General Manager Operations, Joe Rea

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