What to do instead of new year resolutions

What to do instead of new year resolutions


We pretty much all fall off the wagon when it comes to New Year’s resolutions, so don’t feel bad. The resolutions sound fantastic, but usually don’t work. And then … we get upset with ourselves. Especially when the next New Year’s Eve comes, and you realise you didn’t turn into this fantastic healthier and happier version of yourself like you committed to at the start of the year. But whatever you do, don’t beat yourself up.

1. Put it in perspective
Don’t associate a new year with changes you need to make, and put unnecessary pressure on yourself. Instead, reflect on 2020 and write down your biggest accomplishments.
What were you most proud of? Take some time to do this, and go through your diary if necessary.
And remember…. real goals don’t have to start at the beginning of 2021. You can start at any time of the year!

2. Review your past year
Write down what didn’t work so well in 2020 and what you’re ready to let go off.

● What is one mistake you made and the lesson you learned?
● What is holding you back?
● What is making you feel stuck?
● Are there things or behaviours that are preventing you from making progress and moving forward?
● Any bad habits?

Just write it down and let it go.

3. How do you want to feel at the end of 2021?
What is going to make you happy?
What are the benefits for you and the people around you?
WHY do you want to feel like this? Be super honest with yourself here and don’t write down any resolutions that are based on other people’s expectations, or something that you’ve seen or read in a magazine.

4. Break it down in little steps
Brainstorm what you can do to reach your goal and write it all down. Be as specific as possible and plan your actions through 2021 for it.
Break your end goal down in smaller weekly goals so you’re working towards something immediate, this will create little wins and will keep you motivated.
Commit to taking consistent action to reach your goal. Do something daily. It’s not what you do every now and then, but what you do every day that counts.

5. Find some buddies
Find some buddies who are already further advanced on this path, or someone who is like minded and willing to go on this journey with you.
Hang out with people who inspire you to be more, do more and have more. They should be a positive force in your life, not a negative one. Stay away from people who are draining you emotionally and physically, aka “energy vampires”.

6. Don’t be too hard on yourself
It’s okay to make a mistake. We all do, nobody’s perfect. Just dust yourself off and keep going.

If you’re really committed to becoming a happier and healthier version of yourself this year, be realistic and get a health and nutrition coach! Your coach will help you with all the steps above. No single diet, lifestyle or exercise routine works for everyone. It’s hard to find what actually works for you without losing motivation.

Make 2021 your best year yet! There is so much contradicting information out there about nutrition, health and wellbeing. It’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed. Book an initial FREE 30-minute online consultation with me to find out how I can help you navigate through this world of conflicting information. Together we’ll find what really works for you and reach your 2021 goals!

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