Women’s Health Week

By Rachel Hardy

Women’s Health Week

It is now more important than ever to look after your overall health and wellbeing. This September, Women’s Health Week will be a great reminder to take time out to check in on your health and to keep making positive changes that can last a lifetime.

Women’s Health Week is a nation-wide campaign of events and online activities – all centered on improving women’s health and helping you to make healthier choices.

In the lead up to the week, a range of helpful information on how you can participate will be released. Either getting together with friends, community and colleagues or maybe hosting an online event.

Then, on each day of Women’s Health Week, focus will be place on important women’s health topics. Daily emails will be sent out with videos, recipes, quizzes, articles, and tools to help you unlock your own powers for good health.

All the health information Women’s Health Week produces is based on research and reviewed by an expert medical team.

Women, communities, and workplaces are encouraged to get involved by hosting an event, sharing the health information, and encouraging women from all corners of Australia to put good health first.

Now in its eighth year, Women’s Health Week continues to gain groundswell nationally. In 2019, more than 112,000 women participated in more than 2800 events, and almost 45,000 women subscribed to the online campaign.

Women’s Health Week is now a permanent feature on the Australian calendar taking place in the first week of September.