Woolworths is tackling food waste and raising money for OzHarvest with their new range of banana bread!

Woolworths is tackling food waste and raising money for OzHarvest with their new range of banana bread!

The new banana bread is made using overripe bananas from the produce section that may have otherwise gone to waste. Through this initiative, the overripe bananas are given a new life and diverted from landfill which helps reduce food waste and provides a tasty new treat for Woolworths customers. The banana bread is baked fresh in-store by Woolworths’ bakers to ensure a high quality and delicious product.

There’ll be two varieties of the banana bread; the standard traditional banana bread and the chocolate chip banana bread (made with Cadbury chocolate chips), coming in at a sweet $4 each.

Further to the initiative, 50c from each loaf sold is being donated to OzHarvest to support their programs that aid Aussies in need. OzHarvest is Australia’s leading food rescue charity and is best known for collecting quality surplus food, distributing it to people in need and diverting food waste from landfill.

Local store managers from, Kirkwood and Kin Kora Woolworths are very excited to be a part of the new initiative and are proud to be using their in-store bakeries for the campaign.

“Food waste is an issue that is important to all of us here at Woolworths Kirkwood and we’re always looking for ways that we can divert food away from landfill. This new initiative does exactly that as our fantastic bakery team will now be baking banana bread loaves in-store, and giving the store’s overripe bananas a new life! It’s another step in the right direction for combating food waste and, with 50c of every sale donated to OzHarvest, we’re also supporting Aussies who need it most.”

Woolworths Kirkwood Store Manager, Kimberley Hall.

“At Woolworths Kin Kora, we have a real passion for reducing the amount of food that goes to waste and supporting our local community. We’re proud that this new banana bread does both and that we get to bake it in-store, using our own overripe bananas. With 50 cents from every sale also going back to OzHarvest, our customers are not only enjoying a delicious treat, but also helping an Australian in need and diverting bananas away from landfill.”
Woolworths Kin Kora Store Manager, James Allen.

Head down to your local Woolworths today and purchase one of these delicious loaves to help make difference and reduce food waste!