A message from Ken O’Dowd 

Since the Morrison Government’s re-election in April, our team has been getting on with the job and delivering on our plan to provide a stronger economy, lower taxes, better infrastructure and guaranteed services for all Australians. 

I recently had the opportunity to reflect on our first 100 days in Government and wanted to share with you some of our key achievements. The people of Flynn can be assured the Morrison Government will continue to back you and your family.

  • Tax relief plan passed parliament – We have delivered tax relief for 10 million Australians. We believe you should keep more of what you earn.
  • We’ve delivered practical help for our drought-affected farmers by establishing the $5 billion Future Drought Fund. The fund will improve the resilience and preparedness of rural and regional communities.
  • We’re stopping activists from threatening farming families. Our farmers and agribusinesses have a right to feel safe. We are taking action to stop those who incite trespassing on agricultural land.
  • We’ve taken action to lower electricity, childcare and medical costs. From July 1 family and business power bills are being reduced with our electricity prices cap, Medicare rebates for 180 GP services started receiving higher rebates, and new projects are being delivered under the Community Health and Hospitals program.
  • We’re building congestion-busting infrastructure which will create jobs and get you home to your family sooner.
  • To keep Australians safe, we are taking action against returning foreign fighters and those who seek to harm children.
  • We’re supporting Indigenous Australians by engaging with Indigenous leaders on the best way forward to recognise Indigenous Australians in the Constitution. Ken Wyatt became Australia’s first Aboriginal Minister for Indigenous Australians; he will be working to address the challenges of education, health and community safety.
  • And we’re getting on with making sure we recycle plastic waste rather than shipping it overseas or dumping it in landfill.

While in Canberra from September 9th to 19th for Parliament I will be meeting with Federal Minister for Regional Services, Decentralisation and Local Government, Mark Coulton. At this meeting, I will discuss how our electorate of Flynn has been disadvantaged by recent changes to the Distribution Priority Area classifications.