World Blood Donor Day: June 14

World Blood Donor Day: June 14

The world has recently celebrated the life-giving gift of blood donation.

While June 14 is a fantastic way of acknowledging the people who give blood and plasma each year, blood donation is something that is needed each and every day: especially for the one in three people who will blood or blood products in their lifetime.

Every single blood type is needed, whether it be for whole blood or plasma donation. The amazing thing about this is that everyone can help- no matter how ‘rare’ or ‘common’ your blood type is. Whole blood donation takes between 30 minutes to an hour, and plasma takes around an hour and a half. Considering the sacrifice of being a lifesaver is a small part of your day and some minor discomfort, it seems like a fairly good trade.

Your blood and plasma donations can be used in a number of different lifesaving ways, including: emergencies, helping people suffering from cancer, developing vaccines, treating bleeding disorders, helping people with anemia, as well as a variety of other medical uses.

So why not book an appointment today? Go to to find your closest donor centre, and help to save lives.