Young women will be what they see – Karina Georgi CEO Gladstone News & Elevate Media

Young women will be what they see – Karina Georgi CEO Gladstone News & Elevate Media

I would like to thank all of the inspirational women who grace our pages today celebrating success and sharing their press for progress. You are walking the walk, which means others can follow that path too.

I am so proud to be a young female CEO, who employs five extremely talented women in the technology and media field in Regional QLD, which has for many years been a male-dominated industry. We forge ahead in a world where women will increasingly become equally represented and that starts right here at our office.

We have young women come in for work experience and they can now ‘be what they see’. For many years I have been around boardroom tables with men but I do see an increase in women taking on leadership roles and we are making progress, Gladstone has a great representation of smart, strong business women that are CEO’s and GM’s and they will take you under their wing and mentor you – so reach out and ask.  Some of my local inspiring women are Col Tribe, Leigh Zimmerlie, Desley O’Grady, Cindi Bush, Sarah Mills, Jenelle Knight, Erin Robertson and Carly Quinn.

One message I would share is if you get an opportunity to vote, vote for yourself. Don’t be so humble, that you discount yourself, put you first. If someone asks ‘Who’s the best mother you know? – say it’s ME! If someone asked who’s the best website developer – I am! Back yourself and be strong enough to say loud and proud ‘I am the best at what I do’. I’m a great mother, I’m a great website developer, I am a fearless leader. It is great to prop yourself up in a world where many will tear you down. But don’t stop at just saying it, you must believe it too.

Women make for nearly 50 percent of the world’s population and we need to be represented equally. In the workplace, in Parliament House, Local Council, Boards and Big Screens. I will press for progress until we have equal representation everywhere.

Karina Georgi