5 easy steps to planning a girl’s night

5 easy steps to planning a girl’s night

Raise your hand if you can’t remember the last time you had a night off and caught up with your girl friends without the kids.  We see you ladies!

These days, when you put something into steps it just automatically seems more appealing and achievable – we call it the BuzzFeed effect. So let us guide you through exactly how to make a girls night happen, while you sit back, relax and get ready to prepare an amazing night.

1. Choose an event or location that guarantees a great time. We highly recommend seeing a show that will make you laugh, dining at a restaurant that you’d never dream of bringing the family to, or a bar that has plenty of cocktails on their menu.

2. Stow away your children. This may include bribing a grandparent, neighbour, old friend or local cat sitter – but let us assure you this is the most important step! Plan in advance so the chosen babysitter feels too guilty to back out last minute.

3. Be the RSVP stickler. As we all know, life gets in the way of most things, and responding to extracurricular activities is one of them! Gently remind your friends with a follow up text / email /Facebook message / post card and don’t stop until you get a yes!

4. Don’t just stick to the regulars. Branch out your social wings – invite that girl from work you’ve been meaning to catch up with, how about your old school friend that you haven’t seen since you had kids? A great night always includes lots of fun and diverse friends.

5. Comfy clothes are key. Yes you may want to ditch the active wear for one night, but that dress you can’t breathe in or those heels that make you curse the creator of stilettos are probably more suited for a quiet dinner. In any case, a girl’s night is a time to enjoy and not conform to anyone else’s standards!

GECC-Ladies-Night-Lash-Comp-Facebook-Post-Image-V1How to get a FREE night out with the ladies

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Or just buy tickets and go with the girls! Make it happen.