High Blue-Green Algae Alert for Lake Awoonga

High Blue-Green Algae Alert for Lake Awoonga

The Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB) has announced that blue-green algae (BGA) in Lake Awoonga is now at High Alert Level, consistent with the warmer months of the year.

GAWB Chief Operating Officer, Mr John Tumbers, said the recreational hazard alert had been upgraded to high and is expected to remain at this level throughout the remainder of summer.

“The increase in BGA cells usually occurs in summer, and is a natural phenomenon in many Australian waterways, especially in tropical and sub-tropical regions,” Mr Tumbers said.

“People coming into direct contact with the raw water in Lake Awoonga, should be aware that BGA may cause skin and eye irritation and drinking untreated or boiled water may result in illness”.

Mr Tumbers assured residents that drinking water was safe.

“The water treatment process used by GAWB is designed to efficiently remove BGA cells to produce safe drinking water delivered to your tap,” Mr Tumbers said.

“This process is constantly monitored to ensure high quality drinking water is delivered to the Gladstone community”.

Anglers are reminded that BGA toxins can also accumulate in the internal organs of fish and in mussels.

BGA hazard alert signs are located at Lake Awoonga and should be referred to when visiting the lake. These signs have information on BGA and indicate the current alert level. Further information is available on the Gladstone Area Water Board website.

Any enquires should be directed to the Gladstone Area Water Board on
(07) 4976 3000.