Kin Coffee Co

Kin Coffee Co

We sat down with Kin Coffee Co’s coffee connoisseur + owner, Sam to talk all things coffee.

GN: Why a coffee shop?
S: Coffee has been a huge part of my life for the last 5 years, and a keen interest for at least 10. It started to become a passion when I landed a simple barista position at The Coffee Roaster, Brisbane and from there entered the roasting side of the business. Duncan, my boss (and generally top bloke) trained me up in all aspects of the coffee business – from smashing out great coffees to coffee machine teardowns and rebuilds. It’s safe to say coffee has been in my blood ever since and setting up a specialty coffee shop was a natural next step to take.

GN: Tell us about your beans.
S: Our everyday blend is Kinship, a mix of 4 origins that mingle well to deliver a complex cup. Think cooking spices and chocolate. No bitter aftertaste and plenty of cut through on the milk (Baffle Creek). For the aficionados, we currently have 12 single origins that will rotate through the year so the selection will always have something to tempt the curious. Both espresso and filter roasts are available.

GN: Top songs for your in store playlist?
S: Currently Dexys Midnight Runners and the Strokes get a lot of airplay. I’ll be sure to mix some oddballs in like The Decemberists, some 80’s fun stuff and the occasional soundtrack from a movie or game.

GN: What makes you different to other coffee shops?
S: We are extremely focused on delivering a quality cup of coffee. Everyone has to leave  satisfied with their daily brew. It is a small family operation – my wonderful partner Jac helps on the busy Saturdays – it’s important to us that everyone gets personal service and a smile. The store is still a work in progress, we are looking at offering outdoor seating and a great collection of handmade sweets in the near future, but the most important thing is the coffee has been tasting wonderful since day one.

Go in and grab your brew today and say hello to Sam and the team!
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