Super-Size Week celebrates the Under Eight’s!

Super-Size Week celebrates the Under Eight’s!

Under Eight’s Week is about highlighting all the wonderful things that parents and carers can do to ensure that each child gets the best possible start in life. 

In the Gladstone Region there are heaps of fantastic programs and events that run all year round but during Under Eight’s Week, we Super-Size them! Giving a child the best start in life is not just about participating in formal education, it’s about meaningful play, getting closer to the ground (that’s where the little people view the world from) and being prepared to get messy if the opportunity arises.

The GAPDL Communities for Children are the local facilitating partner for the Department of Social Services Communities for Children initiative. The team keeps an eye on what’s going on in the community and fund early intervention programs that support and improve family well-being. These are the resources and programs currently funded:

123 Magic & Emotion Coaching 

This program consists of three sessions where carers discuss and sort children’s behaviours (2-12 years) that they would like to see improved, develop strategies to guide family functioning and learn how to emotionally coach children – resulting in better communication pathways.

Contact GAPDL CfC for details of an upcoming program near you.

Engaging Adolescents 

This three-session program guides carers in developing a stronger connection and foster healthy communication pathways with their teenage children. Upon completion carers of 10-18-year old’s should gain confidence in their parenting styles and gain valuable skills to guide their adolescent child through what can be the some of the toughest times.

Contact GAPDL CfC for details on an upcoming program near you.

Circle of Security

This eight-week early intervention program is designed to enhance the bond between carers and children. The program targets younger children but is relevant to all ages including teenagers.

Contact GAPDL CfC for details of an upcoming program near you

Dhubbeele’s Play2Learn 

The best way for little ones to learn is through play so that is exactly what this morning of excitement includes. This playgroup has an indigenous focus, but everyone is welcome to attend.

When:   Every Thursday within the school term, 10am-1pm

Where: Child & Family Centre – 105 Toolooa Street, Gladstone

Contact Sue or Adrian on 0427 249 725 for more information

Dad’s Play2Learn 

A playgroup with activities that are more ‘rough and tumble, hands-on’ that most dads, uncles, and granddads will have a blast taking part in. The playgroup has a focus on dads, but all family members are welcome to attend.

When:   Every Tuesday within the school term


Where: Child & Family Centre – 105 Toolooa Street, Gladstone

Contact Sue or Adrian on 0427 249 725 for more information

Multicultural Playgroup (Host for 2018 Playtime in the Park)

This playgroup is run by volunteers and creates a setting where families can belong to a diverse group that enjoy play, laughter, stories, singing and culture.

When:  Every Friday within the school term


Where: Child & Family Centre – 105 Toolooa Street, Gladstone

Contact Welcoming Intercultural Neighbours on 4903 1931 for more information

This year, Welcoming Intercultural Neighbour’s Multicultural Playgroup are the host for Gladstone’s Biggest Playgroup – Playtime in the Park. Come along and enjoy a morning that you and your little ones are sure to enjoy celebrating the 2018 Under Eights Week theme, Children Celebrating Language and Culture.

When:  Friday May 25th


Where: Barney Point Park, Gladstone

Contact GAPDL CfC or Welcoming Intercultural Neighbours for more information.


This three-session program targets male caregivers, parents, and grandparents. DADDY is a practical and fun approach to understanding the important role males play in our children’s lives.

Contact Roseberry’s Youth and Family Services Team on 4979 0047 for more information

WINGS to Fly 

WINGS is a program that focusses on resilience in children. This program targets the professionals (day care providers, teachers and even family support officers) who work regularly with children in their early years and guides them to to optimise their pedagogical practice in order to enhance overall outcomes for children.

Safe Sleep Spaces 

This resource offers parents and carers a better understanding of their baby’s needs, cues and capabilities, then provides a step-by-step guide to workable strategies for creating an emotional and physical safe sleep space.

For more information contact GAPDL CfC

Parenting Support and Program Calendar

This 3-page calendar has information on many programs and support groups to help families and organisations to navigate the support sector in an easy-to-read layout.  The first page of the calendar has a brief overview of what each program is about. The second page has a list of the programs that occur regularly throughout the year. The third page has programs that are either a ‘once off’ or have set dates of when they will run. The programs are listed by month with six months of information provided.

Professional Networking

As the African proverb says, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’, this annual event targets the professionals who make the village that we from time to time rely on. Experts from all organisations who work with children and families are invited to participate in an evening of networking with a twist that results in stronger professional connections – leading to stronger families.

Contact GAPDL CfC for more information on this event.

Child & Family Expo

The one place where families can go to have a chat with several specialists at the same time. There are professionals from Health, Education, Financial/Legal, Recreational and many other support sectors that have taken part to reach out to you.