Last week, Gladstone News and Elevate Media welcomed Madison Hughes on work experience with us.

All students should be able to think about how the world of work aligns with their passions and interests at school – and Madi was a huge help in putting our 2 August issue together. We’re so glad to continue to support opportunities for young people to make connections outside of their usual school and family networks alongside our local schools and EQIP. Here is her report:

I have had the enormous pleasure this last week, as a Chanel College student on work experience, to work at Elevate Media. I had the opportunity to dive into a journalists’ day to day routine and discover what it’s like.


This experience has really strengthened my eagerness and enthusiasm for pursuing journalism once I finish school.


I’ve met so many people throughout the past week and you’ve all played a huge part in inspiring me. I’ve been able to experience what it’s like to write for Gladstone News as well as look at other career options including graphic design and photography.


A huge thank you to everyone at Elevate Media who allowed me to be a part of their team this week. To Lisa, thank you so much for being my mentor this week. I’ve learnt so much from how to answer the phone to the right ways to interview someone. Thank you for all the articles you’ve let me write and for all the adventures I’ve been on this week. It’s been great to see what’s happening  in Gladstone and it’s been a real reminder of how strong the Gladstone community is.


Also, a massive thank you to the rest of the team who made me feel so welcome. I appreciate everything that you’ve all done for me.


I’ve had a wonderful time meeting and working with you, so thank you very much again for everything.


Madison Hughes