A New Home for Gladstone Brow and Beauty Haus

A New Home for Gladstone Brow and Beauty Haus

Gladstone Brow and Beauty Haus has moved into a new location!

Formally known as Gladstone Lash and Brow Room, the beauty salon decided to re-brand when they moved to the new location of 14 Goondoon St.

Owner Melissa Hulbert could not wait to move,

“We are really excited about our new location, we absolutely love it, parking is very easy, and everything has come together so well!” Melissa said.

The new location officially opened on the 23rd of November, with a few more changes to the business.

“We really wanted to do skin, and this is the perfect location for it. Our rooms are more private, and they are just set up to be more of a functional skin treatment room, whereas the other spot didn’t allow us to do that.

With the name change from Gladstone Lash & Brow Room to Gladstone Brow and Beauty Haus, we are no longer doing lash extensions, we are however, still doing lash lifts, still doing fabulous brows and we’ve now introduced a new modality of skincare.”

Gladstone Brow and Beauty Haus is now stocking a new range of skincare including, Dr Spiller and new sunscreen called Mother SPF. The salon also has some new services including dermaplaning, skin needling and facials.