Community Comes Together

Community Comes Together

The Gladstone Seafarers Centre may be closed for the duration of the COVID-19 threat, but that will not stop Mission to Seafarers Gladstone from continuing to support the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the seamen that pass through our town with care packages provided free of charge.

Mission to Seafarers Gladstone is a local charity that provides a friendly smile and a listening ear to the men and women aboard the ships that dock at the Gladstone Port, who are often away from their loved ones for months at a time. Free cups of coffee, counselling, wi-fi, library services and transport to shops and recreational facilities are just a few of the face to face services that Mission to Seafarers Gladstone usually provides. These face to face services are now limited to protect the health of both the team and the seafarers.

The care package initiative is important in ensuring the crew onboard these ships do not feel isolated, especially in the current climate where they may not be able to leave their vessel due to quarantine restrictions. Local businesses including ConocoPhillips and Fanelli Dental have donated items such as Vegemite, DVDs, books, soft drink, toiletries, snacks, SIM cards, phone credit, games, beanies and bibles, which will help lift their spirits and show our appreciation for their hard work in transporting essential goods to Australia.

Mission to Seafarers Gladstone will also offer virtual services such as online counselling, video links to church services and assistance in sending postcards to family in order to support the mental health of the seafarers.

If your business is able to donate any goods to the care package initiative, contact Mission to Seafarers Gladstone on (07) 4972 0022 or