Bill Robertson Toyota is excited to announce they have secured the Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEVs) to be exclusively on display at Gladstone Ecofest event on June 2ndThere are currently only three Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles in Australia.   

As an eco-awarded dealer, Bill Robertson Toyota understands the importance of looking forward to future mobility options and this Mirai FCEV with its zero emissions is an important part of Toyota Australia’s ongoing hydrogen vehicle journey. 

Ecofest attendees will be able to see for themselves what this hydrogen vehicle has to offer.  Toyota Australia’s Manager of Advanced Technology Vehicles, Matt MacLeod said, “There is a common misconception that hydrogen-electric vehicles, like the Mirai FCEV, drive differentlyBesides making very little noise and emitting nothing but water vapour from the tailpipe the only real difference with Mirai FCEV is that it uses different fuel source, hydrogen”. 

Bill Robertson Toyota Dealer Principal, James Robertson added, “This vehicle visit to our area is a first for Gladstone and we are excited to be able to have it on exclusive display for the Ecofest attendees.  We welcome people to come take a look and see for themselves what the future of the vehicle industry can look like”.  

Key Facts about the Mirai FCEV: 

  • Offers a driving range of approximately 550km when its two on-board tanks are filled with about 5kg of compressed hydrogen. Refuelling from a commercial site takes just 3 to 5 minutes.  
  • Hydrogen is as safe as any other automotive fuel and, unlike fossil fuels, it does not contribute to global warming during vehicle operation. 
  • It is the most abundant element in the universe and can be produced from almost anything – even sewage sludge – by using a vast array of primary energy sources, including pollution-free solar and wind power. 
  • The Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle is the world’s first mass-produced fuel-cell sedan and is only currently sold in Japan, the United States and Europe in areas supported by a refuelling infrastructure. 

To view the Toyota Mirai FCEV, visit the Bill Robertson Toyota stand at Ecofest, Sunday, June 2, 9am-3pm at Tondoon Botanic Gardens.