Every step with Kevina

Every step with Kevina

20160709_101558-1You might remember back in September we reported that the Lions Club Boyne Island donated $1000 to a local family as part of their Community 100 Grants Program. The funds were to go towards a service dog for daughter Chilli Morgan who was born with a rare disorder, Kleffstra Syndrome.

At the Lions meeting to award the grant to the family, Chilli’s mother Kevina suffered a seizure and was transported by ambulance to the Gladstone Hospital and then transferred to Brisbane. The seizure turned out to be the effect of an aneurysm.

received_1246625878712235The aneurysm has left Kevina with considerable disabilities, and she has been in Brisbane for treatment and rehabilitation for the last 10 weeks away from her children with her partner Shane by her side. Jean Morgan, the children’s grandmother, is now their principal carer. Jean is 77 years old and has suffered two recent bouts of cancer for which she is still receiving treatment. While Jean is very capable of caring for the children, the rigorous demands of Chilli’s disability and the extreme lack of sleep, means that the task in front of her gets harder every day and she requires some night respite care.

While these are terrible circumstances for the family, the community has banded together to assist them in getting through this difficult time and to cover the costs of Kevina’s respite.

A Facebook page has been setup named ‘Every Step with Kevina’ which allows the public to see her progress through her recovery and re-directs you to a GoFundMe (gofundme.com/every-step-with-kevina) or has details to direct deposit to the fund. Chilliaxing Coffee Shop in the Gladstone Valley Complex have also set up a drop-in centre called Chilli’s Room for mums and children. There, the mums can meet for a coffee and kids can play together in a safe environment for a gold coin donation.

11046487_1616491788572514_2591786274158550399_nIf you would like to help out Kevina and family be sure to check out the Facebook page and you can also keep up to date on her recovery.