Gladstone Community Coming Together to Support Local Farmers

Gladstone Community Coming Together to Support Local Farmers

Across Queensland there are thousands of farmers who need our help, struggling with keeping their sheep, cattle and horses alive through one of the worst droughts in living history, and after the cessation of live cattle exports and a dry wet season.

Wurdong Heights 96-acre property owner, Courtney Johnson says; “Suicide rates are up in farmers; they have very little food because they’re feeding their livestock – their livelihood – and there’s no water obviously.”

Towns are on severe water restrictions, with some farming families only able to shower once per week. Children are cleaning their teeth with a cup of water and filling water bottles at school because the shortage at home is so severe.

Local businesses around the Gladstone Region are coming together to help our local farmers by either being a drop off point for donations, donating to “buy a bale” or even catching onto the “Parma for a Farmer” initiative.

Some of the local businesses involved with fundraising are listed below (please contact them directly for more information and conditions):

  • Pacino’s at Yaralla Sports Club (parma for a farmer)
  • Dicey’s Bar and Restaurant (parma for a farmer throughout August)
  • Harvey Road Tavern (parma for a farmer)
  • Dan Murphy (donations for Buy A Bale)
  • Gladstone Bowls Club Barefoot Bowls (proceeds go towards Buy a Bale)
  • Landcare Australia (landcare drought relief appeal)
  • Ron Streeter Motors (donation point)
  • The Queens Hotel (parma for a farmer)

“I cannot express how grateful we are for what you and your friends have done for us.  We have had some very tough times in recent years – on a personal level with ill health matters etc, and then the drought has been crippling.  I wonder if we would have been able to hang on without the help” -Gail (

Let’s come together to help our farmers.

If you know a farmer that may need support, please call Aussie Helpers Farm Aid on 1300 665 232