Marine Debris Sorting Day

Marine Debris Sorting Day

On Thursday October 15 over a dozen volunteers gathered at CQUniversity’s new Coastal Marine Ecosystems Research Centre (CMERC) to document and sort marine debris found in our region.

The clean up and sorting day was coordinated by the Tangaroa Blue Foundation, an Australian registered charity monitoring the impacts of marine debris along the coastline, and ReefClean, a project funded by the Australian Government’s Reef Trust aiming to remove and prevent marine debris along the Great Barrier Reef.

Ian Anderson is a local resident in the Gladstone Region and has be tasked with the responsibility of coordinating the ReefClean projects in our region for 2020.

“Almost every piece of debris we find is international rubbish, it all washes up on the outside beaches where we collect it, so it’s not local rubbish.

“In the Gladstone region we have three areas, Curtis Island, Facing Island and Bustard Bay, all the debris here today is from two areas, Curtis Island and Facing Island.

“We did a clean-up on the weekend and had a group of 34 volunteers come over, plus another 13 locals from Curtis Island helping out. Yesterday we did the clean-up at Facing Island and we had 22 volunteers!

“It was an excellent turn out, in fact I had a waiting list of another 20 volunteers who wanted to help out. We’ve had a lot of support from our volunteers and local business such as, Shell QGC, Fitzroy Basin Association, Gladstone Regional Council, In-kind support, Curtis Island ferries and Capricorn Lodge.