Rising Stars of Port City Power: Dominating the State Championships

Rising Stars of Port City Power: Dominating the State Championships

The Port City Power U12 girls’ team recently secured a 5th place finish at the Basketball Queensland U12 State Championships held in Ipswich from September 21st to 24th.

Competing in Division 3, the team participated in a total of seven games, ultimately securing a 5th place position out of ten teams in the division. The girls faced a challenging start, experiencing losses in their games during the first two days. However, they showcased remarkable determination and teamwork by bouncing back convincingly and finishing the carnival on a strong note.

Megan Nixon, the team’s manager has expressed her thoughts on the team’s performance.

“This year’s team was truly exceptional, with the inclusion of five First Nations girls. It’s a significant milestone for our local First Nations community to see these five young girls competing at the state level!” exclaimed Megan.

“The girl’s names include Jaidah Nixon, Kailyn Nixon, Kiarna Canendo, Caitlyn List and Keira List,”

“The team was chosen in May, and over the past few months, these girls have participated in three carnivals throughout the CQ region. They’ve dedicated themselves to weekly training sessions ever since their selection,” clarified Megan.

“Coach Mirrin Rashleigh has put in tremendous effort working with this group of girls, preparing them for the carnival. It’s truly exciting to see the growth of each individual player throughout the season!”

“I’m extremely pleased with the team’s performance and eagerly anticipate what the next season holds.” said Megan.

With their sights firmly set on the next season, they’re gearing up to hit the hardwood once more. Not only did these talented girls excel in their athletic pursuits, but they also forged strong family bonds within the heart of the team. The dedication of Bones Sorrensen, who not only coached but also played alongside his daughter Melia, demonstrated the power of familial support.

Furthermore, the presence of sisters Dakota and Ruby Dennis, as well as Caitlyn and Keira List, added an extra layer of unity to their journey.



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