Small Business Month: The Deli Plate

Small Business Month: The Deli Plate

Yvonne- The Deli Plate

Yvonne started The Deli Plate after working in a variety of different jobs, since she always had a passion for food and cooking.

“Some of the best parts of the job are being my own boss, and making people happy. I really love what I do. The best way to support a small business is to buy local, and spread your positive experiences. It’s so important to highlight these good experiences with a business,” said Yvonne.

Yvonne’s inspiration for the business came from a desire to sell gourmet ingredients that aren’t readily available in grocery stores. Starting The Deli Plate from the ground-up, Yvonne has developed a reliable customer base, because of the variety of cheeses and antipastos that aren’t available anywhere else in Gladstone.

“It’s definitely growing as a business; we’re getting busier and busier all the time.”