CrossFit Gladstone is teaching the next generation the importance of health and fitness!

CrossFit Gladstone is teaching the next generation the importance of health and fitness!

The idea to begin running youth CrossFit courses stemmed from Adam and Kristine Gibson’s own children wanting to join in their CrossFit workouts. With four energetic kids keen to begin CrossFit, they decided to get qualifications so they could run kids and teens courses. “We really enjoy that we can exercise as a family, and we have our workouts in common to talk about. We compare where we are sore, what’s our favourite exercise, and share hints and tips with each other,” Adam said.

Adam sees fantastic results with the kids and teens over the ten-week CrossFit course. “Youth come in with very poor fitness, and by the end of the term see a significant improvement in their mental state, their squats, their running, and overall stamina,” he said.

Parents have reported improved moods, better attitude towards eating and nutrition, improved self-confidence, improved internal motivation and resilience, and better concentration at school, since their youth began the course.

“We had a youth start with us who has ADHD, was in trouble at school a lot, and lost his temper regularly. He has now been attending for almost a year, and he has seen significant improvement in his concentration, he is more in control of himself, and has seen a big improvement with his behaviour at school. The workouts for the youth are tough. But by doing them regularly, they stretch and push the youth to their limits. Because it is tough they have to learn to push themselves rather than give up. They can then use these strategies in their normal daily life,” Adam explained.

Adam noticed that parents with children who didn’t enjoy team sports struggled to encourage their kids to join in fun exercises. “We have attracted a number of families with kids like that, and they range from being shy, to being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We are proud to have a class where everyone is welcome no matter what their background or fitness levels are. Our tagline is “Fitness for Every Body” for that reason,” Adam said.

The kids and youth CrossFit classes provide the next generation with the skills and knowledge on the importance of being fit and healthy. “We don’t care if they aren’t CrossFitters later in life. But when they finish with us they know a range of stretches and warm-ups, all the basic movements of cardio, weightlifting and gymnastics. They also have received sound nutritional advice which can then help them know how to eat properly and avoid diet fads. Most importantly we help them know that fit and healthy is the right body image to pursue, not focusing on being really thin or super muscly. We really want to build up the community with kids and youth who care about their health and the health of those around them,” Adam said.

Adam advises parents who are looking for ways to increase their children’s amount of exercise to set an example. “What’s the point of telling our kids to be more active when we sit around watching TV and playing on our phones and tablets?” Adam said. Parents set the standards in their homes, so it’s important to look at what message you send with the activities you plan, the food you prepare, and the amount of time you spend being idle. Some tips for encouraging active time include turning off the Wi-Fi, going for a walk together, joining a sporting team or gym together, learning how to eat better, setting goals as a family, and most importantly becoming the healthy person you want your kids to be. If you’re looking for extra help or want to join the CrossFit family, be sure to get in touch with the team.