GPC’s Future Marina Parklands Vision

GPC’s Future Marina Parklands Vision

Gladstone Ports Corporation’s (GPC) vision to transform 33 hectares near the Marina into a large landscaped area for future learning and business opportunities, is taking shape.

Shovels hit the ground on the million-dollar earthworks project at the eastern side of Alf O’Rourke Drive in the 2017/18 financial year.

More than one million cubic metres of material has been placed and another 250 cubic metres is expected to be added to the final stage.

Acting CEO Craig Walker said the area has been earmarked for parklands, cycle and walking trails, education facilities and commercial opportunity in GPC’s Land Use Plan.

“The area originally consisted of low-lying unusable space and is located close to one of GPC’s Marina Parkland entrances and existing commercial businesses,” Mr Walker said.

“Once complete the area will provide an extension to the existing precinct for locals to play and explore and provide opportunities for local businesses.

“Our Marina is an important asset and we’re committed to transforming it into one of Queensland’s best waterfront locations.”

The project includes the construction of land improvement, large drainage channels and access to locations on Alf O’Rourke Drive extending to Auckland Creek.

Mr Walker said there were further plans to improve the areas surrounding Alf O’Rourke Drive.

“It is necessary to continue the development of this area, raising and shaping the ground level to facilitate future development to future proof our region”.,” Mr Walker said.

“The initial works will also assist in improving the aesthetics of the area by ground improvement works and providing good drainage to meet our sustainability aspiration,” he said.

GPC first started developing the area we now know as the Marina in the 70s and since then more than 3.3 million cubic metres of material has been spread across 50 hectares to provide beautiful, practical spaces now used by the University, parks and businesses.

The project follows the successful completion of East Shores 1B.