Meet the team from Calliope Rural Traders – Shop To Win Profile

Meet the team from Calliope Rural Traders – Shop To Win Profile

Tell us about the types of products and services that your business supplies or sells?

We stock a wide range of animal, home, timber and hardware supplies, from laying hens to safety equipment.

What does supporting local businesses mean to you?

Supporting local means supporting brick and mortar small business in your region, it means entering a shop front and saying hello to the proprietor. If you don’t support your local businesses when your children want to get their first part-time job, where will they go?

Can you share a fun fact about yourself or your business?

We are quite blessed to be trading in Calliope as the acronym CRT which is Calliope Rural Traders matches our buying group Combined Rural Traders and so CRT stands for both our shop in Calliope as well as the buying group we fall under.

What are your top pick/s for Christmas presents this year?

A perfect Christmas gift this Christmas is any of our battery-powered Stihl landscape range.

How could the winner spend $10,000 in your business?

The winner can spend $10,000.00 in our business very easily, a brand new state of the art toro mower costs anything from $5,000.00 – $30,000.00.