Pinnacle Fitness Opens Brand-New Health Centre

Pinnacle Fitness Opens Brand-New Health Centre

On Tuesday August 11, Danielle Keeping from Pinnacle Fitness Coaching opened a brand-new fitness center!

Pinnacle Fitness Coaching has opened on 111 Toolooa Street next to Jham Bar Espresso and features an array of exercise equipment.

Danielle is a certified fitness and nutritional coach offering a wide range of services including one on one and semi-private personal training, nutritional coaching, and meal plans. Danielle specializes in strength training, functional movement and mobility and has been in the fitness industry for quite a while.

“I’ve been in the fitness industry since 2013, I started out as a group fitness instructor and I also did my Personal Training Certificate, but I didn’t start taking on clients until 2017. After a year I saw there was a big demand from the clients for nutritional coaching, they all want to know about diet, what to eat and nutrition. So, then I did my nutrition certification.” Danielle said.

It took a total of six weeks to overhaul the shop front.

“I thought it was a great location with Jham Bar next door, The Health Nut a few doors down along with Sportscene. I really like this part of town, it’s like a little hub and I definitely thought there was a niche for a new more personalized gym.”

“People I’ve come across don’t like going to the bigger commercial gyms, they might be nervous or self-conscious, so I find that they like coming here and having that more personalized approach.” Danielle said.

If you’re interested in seeking personal training or nutritional coaching call Danielle Keeping on 0423 964 566 or head to the Pinnacle Fitness Coaching website.