RSPCA Gladstone asked and they have received!  

RSPCA Gladstone asked and they have received!  

After putting the call out for help early last year the RSPCA Gladstone recently completed a major project to assist with storage.  

President of RSPCA Gladstone, Nicole Allison said that the group had received a 20ft brand new shipping container donated by Dyno Nobel, a Bajool based business. She said the container was now finally installed on site after a long process. RSPCA Gladstone volunteers, Astrid Allison along with Joan and Bruce Mackay were instrumental in the coordination of the project.  

“Our operations have continued to grow over the years and this shipping container will offer much-needed storage space for dog/cat food and linen in a secure, waterproof and rodent proof area.  This became especially vital since we recently changed our processes to have cats processed and temporarily housed on-site at our adoption centre,” Nicole said.  

“The generous offers of support we have received from local organisations and professions has once again re-established how amazing our region is. It really is about locals supporting locals, and the causes they are passionate about. We are extremely grateful!”

“Our future challenges include fitting the container out with shelving, having a roof installed above the container, and having an entrance path to ensure the safety of our volunteers. How great would it be if we could continue this amazing community project with a few more organisations jumping on board with these steps?” Nicole said.