The Epic Yoga & Lifestyle studio is a place for the people of Gladstone to learn, practice and grow as a community.

The facility is the first of its kind in Gladstone, providing an accepting, laid-back space where everyone is welcome. Founder of Epic Yoga & Lifestyle, Paul Charalambous said the business was formerly known as Salt Power Yoga. “We started with humble beginnings teaching yoga to 1 or 2 people in the park,” Paul said. “We have since grown to have impacted the health & wellbeing of over more than 1,000 local residents. We have expanded to offer nutrition services, health retreats and mindfulness training to leaders in the resources industry. We’ve employed 16 local staff & contractors. We no longer just teach yoga classes, but help people live their most Epic Lifestyles. For example we have people practice with us to improve their motor-bike riding, surfing, running, business mindset, or too simply ‘not kill the kids’. The way the business has evolved has brought about the change of name from Salt Power Yoga to Epic Yoga & Lifestyle.” 

Through Epic Yoga you are given all the tools you need to develop a powerful body, clear mind and loving soul, allowing you to live every moment to the fullest. “There is no barrier to practicing with us,” Paul added. “Our teachers are highly trained and skilled, coming from various traditional and contemporary backgrounds blending many methodologies into each class. We also offer a crèche facility which is run by volunteers which makes attending classes easier with children in tow.” 

Weather you a new to Yoga or a well-practiced Yogi, Epic Yoga and Lifestyle can help you grow to be the best version of yourself to live a long, healthy, happy, meaningful and epic life.