Good Morning America revealed that Mattel will be rolling out 15 new Ken dolls.

Every day we see progress and movement for women and body diversity. From magazine advertising and social media to TV and movies we’re seeing women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicity represented in the media.

Last year creators of the famous ‘Barbie’ doll started to strive for diversity, releasing Barbies appearing in different, more realistic sizes — celebrating both curves, and height differences.

Well, Men also come in also come also come in all different shapes and sizes, so naturally, Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken, is getting a makeover too.


KenKen will now be available with three different body types, seven different skin tones, and nine different hairstyles. One of the said hairstyles will be the above-pictured man bun.

Ten of these Ken versions are available to purchase now and the other five will be available in the next few months.

While it probably feels silly to give Ken a man-bun, we think that any move toward diversity should be celebrated.