Message Stick Walk visits Gladstone

The Gladstone Region welcomed Alwyn Doolan carrying his Message Stick last week. Alwyn is walking from Bamaga (Tip Of QLD) to Canberra Act, Parliament House carrying with him a Message Stick.  Travelling a distance of 7000km, Alwyn is planning to arrive in Canberra by April 2019. Alwyn aims to engage with as many communities as he can on his walk, that sees him travelling through New South Wales, to Victoria and then finally to Canberra.  Alwyn’s journey is to deliver a message stick to the Prime Minister. The message stick highlights the needs of Aboriginal people, including sovereignty rights and treaty negotiations.   

Upon his arrival in Canberra Alwyn will request a meeting with the Prime Minister and cabinet to deliver the Message Stick. “I believe in an evolution of our people and communities across the nation of a better future to build forward planning together with the First Nations Peoples,” Alwyn said. Following the Message Stick being delivered to the Government, Alwyn will walk from Canberra to Uluru to re-address issues with a Nation Wide First Nations Conference.    

While in Gladstone Alwyn met with Gladstone Regional Council Mayor, Matt Burnett, Councillor Rick Hanson and local Indigenous community representatives.   

Gladstone News wishes Alwyn safe travels on his journey.