Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre

Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre

Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre is open for business and ready to help you deliver a successful, safe, and enjoyable event.

Operating under Approved Industry COVID Safe plans and working with QLD Health to ensure compliance, our team of event specialists can provide ideas and advice around how to manage your events within the COVID-19 guidelines.

Making the most of COVID-19

You may have been wondering what GECC has been up to during these last few months, with mass gatherings a major part of our normal business.

We’ve been busy refreshing, re­ training, re-painting, rearranging, researching and re-building various parts of our venue, equipment and processes.

Our iconic Theatre has received a refurbished flying system, cosmetic touch-ups including painting and deep cleaning, and has even received some very comfortable couches, gifted to us by our Friends of the Theatre. The Convention Hall stage has been pulled apart, maintained and put back together. Our technical systems and infrastructure have been rebuilt and now have improved networking capability.

Our IT infrastructure has been enhanced, and rooms such as our Board Room now have a dedicated video conferencing system and are Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams compatible. The Conference Rooms received a fresh coat of paint which barely had time to dry before the Conference Rooms became the temporary Gladstone Regional Council chambers, set up for video conferencing and live streaming of Council meetings.

We’ve also been supporting our local performing artists through our GECC Live project. GECC live employs local performing artists to perform a 15-minute set that is live-streamed to GECC’s Facebook account on Wednesdays at 12.30 pm. These sets are performed in unique locations in our venue that are seldom seen by the public, giving you a behind the scenes look at the venue we are so proud of.

Moving forward

In a post-COVID-19 world, we’ve all been presented an opportunity for a restart, a chance to re-assess how we present our products, re-address how we interact with our cliental, patrons and stakeholders. We’ve amended our Fees and Charges to reflect our desire to engage more with our community, and make our venue hire processes simple and easier to follow.

We’ve adopted an evolving methodology, by this I mean we’re adaptable. We are always looking for ways to improve our processes or better the event experience. We have some innovative ideas we’re working on, all of which are made possible by the solid foundation we are building as we return to normality.

Come and experience the GECC! Let us help to craft your stories of the GECC experience – evenings spent with friends, memories to be treasured and shared.

Visit us in person 9 am- 4.3opm weekdays, online at or via phone or email. Our Events Specialists are on hand and ready to help deliver your next event.

Mark Millett

GECC Venue Lead Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre