St Francis Friendship Seat

St Francis Friendship seat

The Friendship Seat is a concept that St Francis Catholic Primary School embraced several years ago.  It is a place at lunch time for any student who cannot locate their friends within the school play areas or who may be feeling a little lonely. Sitting on the Friendship Chair signals our Senior students that this person needs a ‘friend’.  Chatting provides an opportunity for a friendly ear, a smile, a laugh and any assistance that may be needed.

With our Friendship Seat looking rather glum from years of weather, Educational Support Officer Fiona Owen, decided to refurbish it during the term break, returning it to its bright and inviting status.  A staff member for 10 years, Fiona has shared her artistic flair generously within our school community having painted the School Tuckshop Mural, designed School House emblems, created paintings of Franciscan spirituality and assisted with set design in School Musical Productions.
More than happy to share her talent Fiona says,

               “Refurbishing the Friendship Chair has been one of my favourite projects because of what it symbolises, and the fact that the students now get to be a part of my art when they sit on it.”