“Am I Normal” is the theme for this year’s Women’s Health Week. My answer… no way! According to scientists the chance of you being born is 700 trillion to 1.

There is no arguing that you are a miracle. The fact that you were born is amazing. The fact that you were born in a free country, even more amazing. The fact that you were born in these modern times, even more amazing. The fact that you were born into a supportive family environment is even more amazing. There is nothing normal about you!
Yes we all have thoughts of limiting beliefs and thoughts that we are not good enough. We compare ourselves by asking questions like “Am I normal?”. From a yoga perspective this is our ego – our view of our self, based on our past experiences. When you learn to identify the ego as separate to your Self, you can see the eternal beauty that exists within. You are not normal, you are a unique expression of the creator, nature, God, the universe or whatever you may call it. You are capable of unlimited potential.

It’s time to stop focusing on the ego and living from habit.  It is time to start living to your true purpose. You are unique, you are amazing, and you are only here in this form for a short period. Don’t wait for a near death experience to wake you up to this reality, like it did for me. Start living every day from your heart, without fear, without relying on the good opinion of others. You are not normal.

Paul Charalambous

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Women's Health Week

Women’s Health Week Women’s Health Week Women’s Health Week Women’s Health Week