A community tribute to the ANZACs at Boyne Island

Four monuments to commemorate the centenary of ANZAC project are set to be built at the entry of Sterling Park in Boyne Island. The project is headed by the Boyne-Tannum RSL Sub-Branch, with funding from the Gladstone Regional Council, the monuments are dedicated to the memory of all who have served in the Navy, Army, Air Force and the Australian Army Nursing Service.

Boyne Smelters have donated four aluminium machines pillars for the project, which will serve as the base of the monuments. This community project will also involve a local artist to design and construct the monuments, creating a cultural landscape that will be unveiled on or before ANZAC Day 2017.

In the long-term, the Boyne-Tannum RSL Sub-Branch has plans to turn Sterling Park into a dedicated memorial park, with various monuments scattered around the park walkway commemorating military campaigns and events. An application has even been submitted to council to change the name of the park to ‘ Memorial Park’. Public comment is needed before the decision is made, so make sure your voice is heard.