Bathroom Reno Design Tips

So you have taken the plunge and decided to dive into a bathroom renovation? Here are some design tips to consider when making decisions to ensure you get the best bathroom for your budget.  

A well-planned bathroom can be the difference between renovation success and renovation disaster. Since bathrooms can be used by every member of the family it is important to get the functionality right.  

  1. Flush Fittings – while freestanding baths or other accessories might look fancy, the bathroom is a space that needs to be cleaned regularly. Reaching in behind awkwardly placed fittings to mop or dust can make cleaning difficult. Choose flush or floating vanities, toilets and sinks to make cleaning easier. 
  2. Lists and schedules – when renovating your bathroom you really don’t want it to be out of action for too long. Preparation is key to cutting down the length of time your bathroom will be out of order! The average bathroom reno takes between one and two weeks, book in contractors and make sure that all fixtures and fittings they need are on site when they arrive, this will minimise disruption to your reno schedule.  
  3. Storage – We have all heard the same complaint on renovation TV shows for years! Where is the storage? Be smart with storage in your bathroom. Choose well-designed vanities that maximise space and wall mounted cabinets for face level storage. There are a number of clever towel rail solutions available too. Think about how many people will use the space, and have enough storage for their toiletries.  
  4. Light it up – Natural light in a bathroom is amazing. Consider fitting a skylight if natural light is scarce in your space.  
  5. Make it functional – Make sure your design is functional! You could end up with the most fashionable bathroom on the street but if it is not functional, what is the point? Over time the more user-friendly a space is will become more important than its fashionable features. Just remember fashion dates, but function is forever!