The Best Spots to see the Brisbane to Gladstone LIVE


  • The finish line was moved to Spinnaker Park a few years ago, so the best place to watch the yachts come in is at Spinnaker Park, right outside the café. The yachts will finish there, in line with the Noel Patrick Memorial Sculpture, the sail.
  • There’s no more camping on Auckland Wharf, but East Shores will be quite good, particularly if you walk up to the HMAS Gladstone is, and look from behind there. You can’t access Patsy Lee Place at the moment, but you’d still see the yachts coming across the entry to Auckland Creek.
  • If you want to see the yachts coming down the Harbour, the QAL Lookout isn’t a bad spot, anywhere with a bit of height.
  • Or you can live-stream the race here or watch it on Yacht Tracker. If you’re spectating from your own vessel, take care to observe exclusion zones, which are also outlined here.