The Eco Warrior Winners were announced on Sunday at Ecofest!

Eco WarriorCongratulations to every one of the Eco Warriors that have made some amazing changes to help the environment.  We had some fantastic submissions.

Bre-Yanna Hayden Under 17 Eco Warrior

What changes have you made to your lifestyle to better the environment?
Within our home, we have made a worm farm and a compost station in our back yard when we place our food scraps, rather than putting them inside the bin .We also have created our very own vegetable garden.Most of the vegetables were grown from plant cuttings and seeds from food that we have purchased from the grocery store.

In our home we also make sure that we are separating our waste, ensuring the recyclables and cardboard are placed in the commingled bin with the yellow lid, reusable items are donated to local charities, general waste is placed in the bin with the red lid and our green waste is composted and re-used in our garden.

Carly Seebacher Over 18 Eco Warrior

What changes have you made to your lifestyle to better the environment?
Since having our 3 children, my perspective on life has totally changed. I have escaped the consumerism trap and have come to the realisation that I need to work to better the environment as my children’s entire future depends on a sustainable earth.

I have been working so hard to reduce our carbon footprint and become as self-sufficient as possible whilst living on an inner-city house block. In saying that, I think we are doing really well so far. We have bee hives, keep a flock of chickens and grow an array of fruit and vegetables to feed our family (and also share with our neighbours).

I have been swapping over to less plastic in the house and am using sustainable materials such as timber/glass/bamboo etc to combat the never ending throw away plastic that much of society doesn’t think twice about using. We are also huge advocates of rubbish collection from our local beaches. The photo I have attached is a pic of a collection we did as a family – very disheartening, but every little bit makes a difference.

I volunteer at the local turtle rescue and really enjoy this as it’s my way of giving a little bit back to nature.