Despite Gladstone facing big changes lately and some tough times we spent the morning asking Gladstone RUOK? The answer may not be what you expected.

This morning our team at Gladstone News joined with HOT FM and Roseberry Community Services to make sure the people in OUR community were asking each other this important question. We talked about mental health, having each other’s back and also showcased the wonderful services that Gladstone offers for those who answered the question with a NO.

There is NO shame in having those moments where life is overwhelming, when you are not able to get out of a jam, feelings creep up and next thing you know for some reason you feel isolated or not your happy self. Its not shameful and it is more common than we hear about but the bright side is that there are services available and also REAL people here in Gladstone who care to help. This morning offered a slice of proof that our community is here for you, willing to help in any way possible.

We are not just stringing these words together either we have some evidence. In the flesh this morning that local people, businesses and leaders got together to help. I want to tell you the behind the scenes story so hopefully you can see how lucky we are to have people like this around. – Karina, Gladstone News.

Gladstone News says thanks to Ivon and Kayla from BBQ Fairy, Macca Chef at Brass Bell and Mary Urquhart from Rocksalt.
Ivon and Kayla from BBQ Fairy, Macca Chef at Brass Bell and Mary Urquhart from Rocksalt.

Here is how it came together – I put a call out to the foodies in our region to see if anyone wanted to come and help cook a BBQ. I was happy to buy the food for the community BBQ but wanted someone who knew how to cook a great meal to cook and serve it. This was not a paid gig; it was just to be a part of making this community event. We had a big YES from lots of local chef’s and as you can see after working late shifts these lovely people woke up and came and cooked an early morning breakfast. Macca Chef at Brass Bell, Mary Urquhart from Rocksalt and Ivon and Kayla from BBQ Fairy worked together over the hot BBQ to give out delicious FREE breakfast. 

If there is one thing we ask – next time you go to these local businesses say THANKS for being community focused. Just acknowledging that will help someone who works hard cooking, feeding and serving our community late nights, weekends and long hours.

Roseberry Community Services
Roseberry Community Services at RUOK Day with Gladstone News

Another group of people who make Gladstone is a really nice place to be Colleen, Linda, David, Tina, Lois & Rachel at Roseberry Community Services, Headspace, Branchout & Youth Services for helping our community everyday but for setting up and handing out information on all of your services.

Carly and Ben from HOT FM for getting this important message on radio and sharing the idea, carpark and hard work to make it happen.

A special mention to our community leaders that started the day by putting the community first. Mayor Matt Burnett, Member for Gladstone – Glenn Butcher, Ken O’Dowd MP, Cr Kahn Goodluck, Cr Peter Masters, Cr PJ Sobhanian and many more. Despite busy schedules these are hard working people who turned up to share the RUOK message. In fact they turn up all the time, a lot more than they get credit for and i think its fitting on RUOK day to say thank you. For sacrificing family time, down time and spending the time and energy making Gladstone a great place to be. While you face criticism in public often you keep moving forward and today i want to recognise that. We are grateful you came along and proud to work alongside people who care for the community spirit like we go at GN.

Ben Norris HOTFM, Cr Peter Masters, MP Ken O'Dowd, Chrissy, Carly Portch and Nathan HOTFM, Cr Kahn Goodluck, Mayor Matt Burnett & Member for Gladstone Glenn Butcher
Ben Norris HOTFM, Cr Peter Masters, MP Ken O’Dowd, Chrissy, Carly Portch and Nathan HOTFM, Cr Kahn Goodluck, Mayor Matt Burnett & Member for Gladstone Glenn Butcher

Finally, to my amazing Gladstone News team. Its been 30 editions since we took over the Gladstone News and like any new business there has been hard days, learning days and OMG deadline days. Having 2 small babies and no family network in town i am lcuky to have this extended work family. These thoughtful, intelligent and dedicated people ask me often if i am ok, not just on RUOK Day. They ask if they can help and they turn up to make sure we get the good news out each day and each week.

Leilani and Yoita from Gladstone News/ Elevate
Leilani and Yoita from Gladstone News/ Elevate

Leilani, Yoita, Tati, Angie, Jac, Bobby, Di and Alex – you make going to work a pleasure and putting on events like this just showcases in public what i get to see every day. A team that sticks together and has oodles of pride and joy being a small, (often under resourced) but 100% locally owned media company.


If there is anything i have learned about today it is that ‘Gladstone is OK’. Better than OK . We have kind people that will help out, leaders that care and local media that join together to put positive message out into the community.

This is not an article that is a shocking revelation about Gladstone, it’s not riddled with sensationalism, nor is it full of mystery of misleading facts just to get your attention. It is just a real plain truth about what happened this morning and while we know you like to share the other click bait stuff to make your friends LOL we think that if there is one thing you should share today – it is this. Thank you to everyone involved in this little BBQ that showed a lot about our Region.

Written by Karina Brindley, Gladstone News.



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