Find the clues for a chance to win a Family Holiday

If you haven’t already bought tickets to this weekend’s The Great Rio Tinto Yarwun Valley Rally, get them now before you miss out. Joining the Rally could mean a chance to win a Family Holiday!

You can still purchase tickets at or pick them up from the Yarwun Store, Feedbarn Gladstone and Calliope & District Bendigo Bank.

The Rally will involve families being given clues and required to find their way around the Gladstone region and back to Yarwun, visiting local businesses and completing activities along the way. The event starting point will be CQU Car Park at 1pm this Saturday the 30th of July.

Once families arrive safely back at Yarwun School, there will be a fete from 3pm including a BBQ, community stalls, fun activities for the kids and a major raffle to top the day off nicely.