Jack Ireland is a 17-year-old local swimmer, that is on the road to achieving his dreams of swimming for Australia. For the past two years, Jack has juggled working at McDonald’s in Gladstone, training in the pool for the Rio Olympic Games and keeping up with his school work. This year he narrowly missed out on getting to the Rio Olympics, but Jack is determined to make it to 2020 Tokyo so is making the move from Gladstone to Brisbane with the support of his family and McDonald’s.
Gladstone McDonald’s licensee Tony Ward has arranged a seamless transfer of employment for Jack and put him in touch with fellow licensee and former Olympic Swimming Medallist Justin Lemberg to help support and encourage his dreams.
The Paralympic games are held every four years and showcase the world’s best athletes, who have intellectual and physical disabilities, in over nine sports. The games are a chance for them to compete in their chosen sport.


Good luck Jack, and we can’t wait to watch you represent Australia!